31st Khanzad Rapid Chess Tournament-2021


Khanzad Chess Club held the 31st Rapid International Chess Tournament for ages under 25 according to the Swiss system with nine rounds (15min+10sec) - the tournament is registered with the International Chess Federation FIDE through the Iraqi Chess Federation. The tournament lasted for two days, and the tournament resulted in the following results:
Rabar Bakhtiar ... 1st place
Pola Azad ... 2nd place
Diyar Jaza ... Third place
Bahoz Shakhewan ... 4th place
Adnan Qader ... 5th place
Sarah Masoud...First place and Second place overall
Parwa Peshtiwan ... 2nd place
Lania Salah... 3rd place
Bahra Samir... 4th place
Rozia Fakhraddin ... 5th place


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