24th & 25th Khanzad Rapid Chess Championship-2020-GAU2300 & GBU1800

11 - 12 Dec. 2020

On the occasion of the anniversary of the Great Chess Festival that was held in the years (2012--2013), Khanzad Chess Club held two championships simultaneously, 24th & 25th  Khanzad Rapid Chess Championship-2020-GAU2300 & GBU1800 which took two days in the Swiss system with (9 rounds) and with a time of (25min + 10sec) in the form of two groups (AG, BG) according to the international classification of players, players with a rating of {1800} and higher played with a group and whose rating was lower than (1800) played in a second group, and this was the prizes were distributed to the winners as follows
A 1800+
The first prize :200,000 ID
The second prize : 150,000 ID
The third prize : 100,000 ID
The fourth prize :  50,000 ID
B 1800-
Male - advanced
The first prize : 125,000 ID
The second prize : 75,000 ID
The third prize : 50,000 ID
The first prize : 40,000 ID
The second prize : 25,000 ID
The third prize :  15,000 ID

25th Khanzad rapid chess championship-2020-GBU1800

24th Khanzad Rapid Chess Championship-2020-GAU2300


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