Khanzad Rapid Chess Campionship-2020-GAU2300 & GAU1800

29 - 30 .10.2020
In the presence of Mr. Burhan Al-Argoushi, Advisor to the Ministry of Education, and Dr. Dlzar Hama Salih, the club president, the 20th and 21st Khanzad Rapid Chess Tournament, which lasted two days, was inaugurated. The tournament is registered with the International Chess Federation FIDE through the Iraqi Chess Federation and 70 players of both genders participated in the Swiss system consisting of 9 Tours and on two groups A & B. This tournament is one of the distinctive and strong tournaments, since most of the participating players are of titles and high rankings, and are among the Iraqi chess team players.

21th Khanzad Rapid Chess Campionship-2020-GAU2300

21th Khanzad Rapid Chess Campionship-2020-GAU1800


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