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Elections of Khanzad Chess Club

About the Club
Khanzad Chess Club was founded in 1998 in order to encourage members of the community, both male and female to learn the game of chess and harness their competence.
Khanzad Chess Club is deemed a leading and advanced on the level of Kurdistan in particular and Iraq and the region in general. Since its inception and until now, the club works to participate in regional and international championships. In every tournament in which the club involves, it scores good results. We are proud of them and look forward to further growth of progress and prosperity to gain results and win tournaments.
Club Goals

-   Chess game to be popular practiced widely within the Kurdish community as the game develops the mind and thought.


-   To discover inherent talent and qualifications within our youths and harness those competencies.


-  - Chess game to be the leading game in obtaining awards and winning championships. 

-   Introduce Kurdistan to the world through the game of Chess and through holding annual international festivals in which players from leading countries invited and also participating in international matches and tournaments and win good results.

- - Chess to be studied as a subject in the curriculum in the schools of the region. This point was our

dream and one of the club's major objectives have been achieved in 2014 for the first time at the
level of Kurdistan and Iraq in cooperation with the sincere and serious compatriots, especially in
Ministry of Education in Kurdistan Region. in 2014 we were able to implement the process of teaching
chess and have been applied in a number of schools in the city of Arbil, we hope that includes all
schools in the Region in the coming years.

-   Prepare highly skilled players and rehabilitation of their competencies through opening advanced

courses to them called the specialists in the field of chess and to win the advanced titles in local,
regional or international tournaments. Till now trainers from Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine and
Iran were brought to the club.