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Elections of Khanzad Chess Club

Khanzad's Fifth Classic Chess Championship concluded on Sunday 18/12/2016 with a participant of 52 players in various ages from different cities of Kurdistan Region and other cities of Iraq. As well as, other places and countries such as Rojhalat, Rojava, Syria, Iran, and Egypt. The tournament was in Swiss system in 9 rounds with a timing of 75 minutes and incrementing 30 minutes per round. At the end, Prizes were distributed for each of six male and female winners, and speeches were given by the presidents of Kurdistan Chess Federation and Iraqi Chess Federation. The wished continuous success for Khanzad Chess Club and successful players. This was the first time for a player who collected 9 points in a total of 9 rounds, and that champion player was Didar Mohammed Zaher. In addition, champion chess player Hussein Ali Hussein was able to collect all the points for Blitz Chess