Opening Blitz Chess Championship under the auspices of (Whispers Restaurant) in Family Mall in Erbil


Today at 09:30 P.M in presence of Mr. Samir Sheikh Mohaimin Barzani, the owner of a WHISPERS Restaurant and Cafe ,Kamal JalalAddin President of the Dohuk Union Chess, Dlzar Hama Salih President of Khanzad Chess Club , Farhang Rashchini President of Cabablanka Institute of Chess and members of the governing bodies and the various media; An open Blitz Chess championship has opened in WHISPERS Restaurant. The championship sponsored by WHISPERS Restaurant and Cafe in Family Mall in Erbil.


Tournament system:  Swiss

Rounds: 7

Time: 3:2

Players: 52 Male & Female different ages


At the end of the tournament Prizes distributed to the winners.
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