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Elections of Khanzad Chess Club


Today the fourth Khanzad Classic Chess championship tournament opening has been started in Erbil city by Mr. Boguslaw Ochodek the Consul General of Poland in Kurdistan Region ,Mr. Conrad Admovich Consular of Poland in Erbil city and Mr. Ziyad Raouf Kurdistan Regional Representative in Poland.

This championship has been registered by FIDE through Iraqi Chess Federation. The tournament carried out using the Swiss system which consisted of 9 rounds with a timing of 70 minutes for each player,and an addition of 30 seconds for each round.

Beside Khanzad Chess Club players, 62 players both male and female at different ages were attended the tournament, whom they were from different parts of Kurdistan and Iraq including the cities Erbil, Sulimaniyah, Duhok, Halabja, Kirkuk, Rwanduz, Koya, Syrian players, and three players from Rojava.


The tournament managing by arbitrators: Asa’d Ismail, Diyar Hamasalih, AliAbdullah, and AbdulazizAswad.