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Elections of Khanzad Chess Club


Khanzad Chess Club wins in Iraqi Super Clubs Championship 2016 which held in Baghdad in a few days ago, Congratulations and well-wishes to our club.
The Khanzad Chess Club has visited Baghdad city on 3/3/2016 to participate in the championship of Iraqi’s excellent Chess Clubs in which there were twelve clubs participated in that championship. In spite of difficult circumstances faced our club such as financial crisis as well as weaken security situation of baghdad, but our club was able to win in the first gathering in which they played five matches from the clubs (Hadaf, Raseel, Qithara, Ashtar, and Jinsiya) with the results {(5,1:5,5) (5,0:5,6) (1:6) (1:6) (1:6)} and was able to be a head of other clubs. Later on the date of 17/03/2016 our club was able to visit Baghdad once again despite the harsh situation over there in order to perform six games in the second gathering and was able to beat and win from the clubs (Karaba, Baquba, Qadisiya, Misan, and Nimanya) with the results {(5,2:5,4) (5,0:5,6) (5:2) (7:0) (7:0) } and the Khanzad Chess Club was got tie with individual club (Itisalat) with result of (5,3 : 5,3). As a matter of fact, The Khanzad Chess Club won 10 matches in total of 11 matches and got tie in one match, without losing any of the matches, and was able to be in the first place once again with (Itisalat) club. So both of clubs were chosen to be the championship of Iraqi’s excellent Chess Clubs. 

The Khanzad Chess club won few medal on individual levels such as:

1- Saad Abdullah Sarsam (Bronze Medal) (First board)

2- Hussein Ali Hussein (Silver Medal) (Second Board)

3- Nuh Ali Hussein (Gold Medal) (Third Board)

4- Ahmad Qutiba Younis (Silver Medal) (Fifth Board)

5- Karin Kamal Jalaladdin (Gold Medal) (Seventh Board)


As well as the results of Khanzad Chess Club players are as the following:

1- Didar Mohammed Thaher (2 points in three matches)

2- Saad Abdullah Sarsam (5,7 points in 10 matches)

3- Hussein Ali Hussein (8 points in 10 matches)

4- Nuh Ali Hussein (9 points in 10 matches)

5- Thiya Mudir Hamad (5 points in 6 matches)

6- Aryan Ghulami (5,4 points in 5 matches)

7- Ahmad Qutiba (8 points in 11 matches)

8- Sayed Kiyan Thawer Mawsawi (5,5 points in 6 matches)

9- Karin Kamal Jalaladdin (10 points in 11 matches)

10- Thawla Azad Saber (4 points in 5 matches)

View from the Championship
Mr. Dlzar Hama Salih, Khanzad Chess Club President with the cup of the championship