Khanzad's fourth blitz chess champion & Kurdistan Flag Day

On the occasion of Kurdistan Flag Day, Khanzad's fourth blitz chess champion has started on Saturday 17-12-2016 under the supervision of Dr. Shakr Ahmed Samoo, the general directorate of sports and a bunch of dear participants Mr. Thafer Abdulamir the president of Iraqi Chess Federation and Mr. Kamran Mohammed Head of Olympics representation. There were 47 male and female players all at different ages and from different parts of Kurdistan and Iraq. There were also players for southern and eastern parts of Kurdistan, Iran, Syria, and Egypt. The game was supervised by dear arbitrators Mr. Asaad Ismail Towfiq, Dlpak Ali, and Dnz Faeq with Swiss system in 9 rounds by 3 minutes and adding up 2 sc per move
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