The 4th championship of Khanzad Classic Chess has ended

On Sunday 2/10/2016 the fourth championship of Khanzad Classic Chess has ended, which was held by Khanzad Chess Club for a total of 62 players (males and females) at a different ages and from different cities of Kurdistan, northern of Iraq, Rojhalat and Rojava. The game was in Swiss system for 9 rounds. At the end, each of the following respected presidents, honorary president of the club Mr. Pishtiwan Ahmed, the president Iraqi Chess Federation Mr. Thafer Abdulamir, and the president of Kurdistan Chess Federation Mr. Azad Sabir were given a speech, and distributed awards on the successful players. There results were as the following:

- The first award to the fifth award with a collection of 7 points were given to a bunch of talented players ( Aras Sabir, Bahzad Zainadin, Didar Mohammed Zahir, Kardo and Ako, and Mohammed Khalil) at the end Rawand Hamid collected 6.5 points.
- On the Girls side, the golden player and Iraqi champion collected 5.5 points was in the first place later our talented club players ( Sara Masoud, and Hana Hawar) were in the second and third place by collecting 4 points and each of the players Lanya Salah, and Yar Bayad were in the fourth and fifth place by collecting 3.5 points and the player Mina Wajdi was in the sixth place with 3 points. Each of our young fresh players (Hakar Dlzar, Pola Azad, and Akar Omed) were chosen as best players for under 12 years of age by collecting 4.5 points.

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