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Elections of Khanzad Chess Club

Under the auspices and supervision of Khanzad Chess Club and in collaboration with Kurdistan Chess Federation and the family of the late (Sheikh Abdullah Barzani) and the presence of Mr. Dilshad Shehab the Minister of Municipalities, Dr. Esmat the Minister  of Education , Ali Hussen Head of PDK's 2nd branch and Burhan  Argushi  Chief Staff of  Ministry of Education;  The ceremony of Sheikh Abdullah Barzani Championship was opened with the participation of 44 players from Kurdistan Region cities who had been invited by the tournament organizer .


Tournament's Supervisor and Arbiters:

1-      Bakhtiar Hamad / Supervisor

2-      Shwan Othman Hussein / General Arbiter

3-      Diar Hama Salih / Arbiter

4-      Abdulaziz Aswad Aziz / Arbiter

5-      Ali Abdullah / Arbiter

System  :    Swiss
No. of Rounds  :   7
Time  : 25m + 10s