Ending of Open Cadet Tournament


In Khanzad Chess Club the Open Cadet tournament (under the age of 10 years) was ended with participating of Mr. Burhan Abdullah Argushi the chief of staff of the Ministry of Education, Chairman of Kurdistan Chess Federation, Honorary President of Khanzad Chess Club, President of Khanzad Chess Club, members of the club and numbers of  Players and Media.


1) The first winner : Darian Arpak : 6 points

2) The second winner : Pola Azad : 5 points

3) The third winner : Peshang Pishtiwan : 4.5 points

4) The fourth winner : Hakar Dlzar : 4 points


5) The first winner : Nma Qasim : 5 points

6) The second winner : Yar Bayad : 4.5 points

7) The third winner : Lara Mahdi

8) The fourth winner : Zhyar Dlzar

At the end of the tournament prizes were gave out to the winners, also the players honored who they participated in the World Youth Chess Championship that took place in (Al-Ain) City in U.A.E. in 17-29 December 2013  

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