The Khanzad Classic Championship achieves its goals


After the chess club attracted a number of new faces of the game of chess, especially at the levels of young people and their participation in courses and education of chess and depending on the trainers and specialists in a scientific and academic way.

In order to test the level of players, Khanzad Chess Club held a classic tournament with 46 players of both genders for 3 weeks. On Friday evening, 24/11/2017, the last round of the tournament was held. These tournaments and achieve positive results have received the satisfaction of coaches and club.

The results were as follows:

Youth level - Female

Parwa Pshtiwan: the first place

Rosa Fakhruddin: Second place

Lana Hawar: third place

Parwa Samad: Third place (repeated)

Youth level - Male

Shadi Fouad: First place

Arikar Omid: First place (repeated)

Daniar Dlzar: Second place (repeated)

Ahmed Khader: Third place

Youth level - Boys

Hussein Wahdani: First place

Rua Fakhruddin: Second place

Ayman Falah: Third place

Youth level - Girls

Ayah Falah: First place

Hevar Diyar: Second place

Pari Pshtiwan: Third place

Advance Level - Female

Sara Masoud: First place

Shang Masoud: Second place

Trefa Najat: Third place

Advance Level - Male   

Nabil Aziz: First place

Halkord Rushdie: Second place

Omid Saber: Third place

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