Newroz Open Blitz Chess Tournament


On the occasion of the March and Newroz Parties, Khanzad Chess Club organized an Open Blitz chess Tournament with the participation of 54 male and female players under the Swiss system under the supervision of international Arbiters:

Diyar Hama Saleh Qader and Dr. Omar Diab. The results were as follows:

1 - Didar Mohammed Zaher
2- Behzad Zain Al-Din
3- Nabeel Azeez
4- Mohammed Khalil Majid
1 - Sarah Masoud
2-Shang Masoud
3. Rosa Fakhreddin
Male (Buds)
1. Shadi Fuad
2. Erikar Omid
3 - Abdullah Ammar
Young Women
1 - Lara Samir
2-Pari Pshtiwan
3 - Bahar Samir

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