For the first time in Iraq start teaching chess as a subject in sports institutes in the Kurdistan Region


In the presence of Mr. Dlzar Hama Saleh, President of the Khanzad Club and Director General of the Ministry of Education, the teaching of chess was introduced as a subject in all sports institutes in the Kurdistan Region

The Khanzad Club organized a three-day training course for all representatives and teachers of the sports institutes of the Kurdistan Region, following decision No. 1352 of 22/1/2019 issued by the Ministry of Education to include chess as a methodological material in all sports institutes

It is worth mentioning that the participation of fourteen representatives in Erbil and Shklawa and synchronization began to teach chess in all cities, districts and districts in Sulaymanah, Dohuk, Koesengk, Klar, Zakho, Khanaqin, Chamchamal and Aqra

In the speech of Director General of Curricula and Publications at the Ministry of Education, Kawa Omar Sherwani It was confirmed that chess is important for the development and growth of the mind of the student in terms of development of mental and mental abilities and we have future plans to be taught in all schools in the region

The President of the Chess Club, Dlzar Hama Saleh, said that the project took several years and the best work was done to educate the largest number of graduates of the sports institutes and the college of physical education in all the institutes and universities of the region. He also mentioned that the approval of the president of the federation Iraqi chess teacher, Mr. Zafer Abdulamir Mazloum, gave all participants a certificate of arbitration by the Iraqi Chess Federation, and pointed out that we will continue with participants and make them cadres of good training and the presence of all media channels audio and video

The following participants took part in the lectures
1 - Kardo AkO Mohammed - Erbil
2 - Assaad Ismail Tawfiq - Sulaymaniyah
3 - Sarmad Qassim - Dohuk
4 - Safwat Muzaffar - Zakho
5 - Mohammed Mahmoud Karim - Kalar
6 - Aawat Mohammed - Rania
7- Lania Salah-Koya
8. Khurshid Saeed Abdullah - Aqrah
9 - Hassan Ahmed Aziz - Khankin
10 -Ako Anwar Karim - Chamchamal



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