A delegation of players from the Khanzad Club participate in International Chess Festival in Tunisia

01-09 September 2018

The delegation of the players of Khazad Club for the moment of arrival in the Tunisian city of Monastir for the purpose of participating in the Tunis International Chess Championship held in the city of Monastir for the period from 1 to 9 of October

Meeting of heads of delegations participating with the organizing body of the championship. The delegation of the Khanzad Club is headed by Messrs. Cihay Taimor, Azad Saber, Zana Najmuddin and Dr. Iman Akbari

Meeting of the head of delegation of the Khanzad chess club with the players and the administrative body to prepare plans and preparations before the start of the championship



Views from the tournament and the Khanzad Chess Players

Championship's Poster

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