Summer Course of the Chess Teaching


In order to create and nurture new players and expand the minds of children and young people, the management of the Khanzad Chess Club announces the opening of a summer course for the teaching of chess for children, students and all other age groups under the supervision of international instructors and trainers with certificates and experience in the field of education and training according to the methods adopted by the International Chess Federation The duration of the course is two months starting from 1-7-2018 and lasts until 1-9-2018. Those wishing to participate must contact one of the following numbers:

Diyar Hama Saleh - 0750-472 95 16

Zana Najmuddin - 0750-489 90 22

Or to review the club's headquarters located in: Bakhtiari District - behind the Helen Plaza Hotel to register their names with the club management.


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