Conclusion of the 10th Khanzad Classic Chess Tournament


The 10th Khanzad Classic Chess Tournament, which lasted five days from 18 to 22 April, was concluded today. The most important feature of this tournament was the transfer of the tournament and rounds Online on two international sites  chess24.com and chessbomb.com and the arbitration of international arbiter of Iran Mr. Kawa Khalili.

The tournament concluded with the following results:

At the male level

1- Zozg Salah: 8 points
2- Hussein Ali: 7.5 points
3- Diedar Mohammed: 6.5 points
4- Mohammed Khalilil: 6.5 points
5- Bberser Eileas; 6.5 points - Iranian
6- Amir Ismail: 6 points

At the female level
1- Delin Kamal: 5.5 points
2- Karin Kamal: 5 points
3-Sarah Masoud; 5 points


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